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Global FindThis form allow you to find Eroti.Club Performers – specifically webcam performers that meet your criteria on a global scale.

Use this search form when location is not important. If you’d like to meet a Performer in person you should use our Locate Performer form that allow you to conduct proximity searches instead. Results must match all your search criteria so select only your most prevalent requirements for better results (less is more…).

The form is relatively self-explanatory, please leave a comment below if you have any questions on using it. Select Gender, Languages, Physique, Ethnicity, Hair and Eyes to define the attributes of the Performer you are looking for.

Acts” indicate the sexual activity of the Performer in general – not necessarily in webcam performances. No distinction is made between voyeur only and client participation acts – please consult the Performer’s profile or ask them for more details (see explanation of favours for definitions of terms and acronyms used). Typically, you would always select “Webcam” to ensure you can enjoy and interact with the performer remotely along with the actual act that excites you.

Fee” refers to the Performer’s general hourly rate – not necessarily their virtual/webcam appearance fees. This may differ significantly so use this only as a guide and confirm actual costs with the Performer before/as your session starts. As Eroti.Club has global appeal all figures are quoted in US Dollars but you can calculate your local currency equivalent with the currency converter in the footer of this page.

Your results will display in the Eroti.Club directory where you can further sort those members that do meet your search criteria. The “Last Active” – default view will place members that are likely to be online right now at the top of your list. “Most Charm” will probably show the sexiest profiles while “Newest Registered” will show you all the new faces…


In Summary.

Select “Webcam” under Shows to ensure you can participate with and enjoy the Performer remotely. The fee field is only an approximation, please refer to the Performer’s profile or ask them directly for further clarification. You can sort your results further on the next page by recently online, most Charm/ sexiest, newest etc. If you can’t find a sexy entertainer to your liking try again with fewer search criteria.

Global Performer Search

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select your preferred ethnic group.

select preferred hair colour.

select preferred eye colour.


indicate the sexual acts you are interested in.

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F.A.Q. Members may leave a reply below if you have any questions about using this search function.

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