Killer Articles (Part 1) Make Money As Adult Freelancer

It’s easy to write adult freelancer articles and submit it to Eroti.Club to earn cash! Here’s just a few ideas of how anyone can earn money with adult freelancer articles:


How To Make Money With Your Adult Articles

  1. You can offer to write reviews or articles for erotic businesses like other websites, venues or escort agencies with their link and/or contact details to lead new customers to them. Simply contact the proprietor of the business you have in mind and explain that you can give them a few hundred new clients if they pay you say $50 to write an adult freelancer article for them and submit it to Eroti.Club.
  2. You can insert your HTML formatted affiliate link (Example: <a href=””>Link Text</a>) to any product or service you are writing the article about. Better still, write an article comparing 2 or 3 (maximum 3 external links per article) similar products with your affiliate links to each and you will get paid whenever someone buys either of those products through your affiliate link.
  3. You can charge Eroti.Club members Charm to read your article. Simply insert a dollar amount as a tag for your article, Example: $2.50, – along with all your other tags. You will then receive ₡2.50 (less 10% commission to Eroti.Club) from each member who wants to read that article. Then sell your Charm on our Exchange for real world cash. This works really well if you have some quality exclusive content like a home made porn video which you can easily embed into your article as we discuss in Part 2. Tag your article with “video” in addition to the $amount you want to charge and you have your own pay-to-view porn video page with just a few clicks.


Article Standards

All articles are vetted before published to the Eroti.Club Blog News section for public consumption. There are just a few editorial requirements, this being:

  • Your article must be adult oriented, suitable for the Eroti.Club audience. For example, an article about general attire will be rejected but an article on fetish clothing will be accepted.
  • It must be substantial comprising of over 500 words or at least 10 minutes of video.
  • It must be unique/ fresh/ (un-copied) content. Articles that are found elsewhere on the internet will be rejected.
  • Use correct language, normal capitalization, and an un-hyped conversational writing style.
  • It must adhere to Eroti.Club’s Acceptable Use Policy – basically don’t submit anything that is slanderous, misleading or damaging to others.

The official language for Eroti.Club is British English. You may however submit your article in any language you choose in which case we will try to convert it to British English for our editorial review. If our editors are unable to understand and confirm compliance to the above requirements we will email you to look for a way forward.

Other than that you can submit pretty much anything you like. Eroti.Club editors reserve the right to make minor changes to your article to improve its layout and readability. If we feel the changes we deem necessary to your article are substantial we will email you with our revisions for your approval. Your article will only be published once both you and our editors agree on its content and layout.


In part 2 we will show you how to insert various types of media into your article including video, photo galleries, maps, special graphics and more.

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