What’s Charm

Charm is Eroti.Club’s digital currency and points system that show which of our members are most popular and who has the sexiest profile.

Sexiest Profiles

Eroti.Club Top10 leader-board

Members can easily vote for the profile(s) they like by donating some of their Charm as a “tip” to that member. All members are ranked according to their Charm balance and the top 10 are displayed in the Eroti.Club Most Charming Top10 leader-board at the top of every page (any narcissist’s wet dream!..). A member’s Charm rank is also shown when you hover over their avatar as well as in the members directory and on their profile. Members can also use their Charm to buy various goodies on Eroti.Club. So Charm is a hot commodity and highly prized on Eroti.Club.

Gaining Charm

There are a number of fun and easy ways for members can gain more Charm – or ₡


Tipping Buttons

Tips – buttons appear at the top of each member profile when you’re logged in that make it easy for other members to vote for the profile they like most. Hitting a “Tip” button will instantly take the relevant amount (between ₡1 up to ₡100) from your account and donate it to that member with a message “tip from your-user-name”. So upload sexy photos to your profile and be friendly to other members to win their admiration and Charm…

Sell wares – members can boost their Charm balance by selling sexy souvenirs to other members in our online shop. Digital downloads like quality photo sets are easy to sell but members can also sell physical items that will be sent to the purchaser by post. All product listings are vetted by Eroti.Club for quality as well as value and are backed by our money back guarantee so shoppers can buy with confidence.

Sell content – article writers can easily sell their erotic stories, reviews or sex tips to other members by submitting articles and adding a price tag. All articles are reviewed for quality before it is published and may include exclusive video and/or photo sets, so article buyers can rest assured they won’t be ripped off.

Purchase Charm – instantly and directly from Eroti.Club at a rate of $1 USD = ₡1. Alternatively you may get better rates from the informal Charm Exchange but these transactions are not instant and risky because it requires compliance from the both parties that are not regulated by Eroti.Club.

Rewards – Eroti.Club will reward members with Charm for doing various things that helps our community. You’ll for instance gain ₡0.05 just for logging in and another ₡0.05 for updating your activity once per day. But the big earner is for telling your friends and colleagues about Eroti.Club. Members can earn ₡5.00 with just a few clicks for each new member who join through your unique referral link.


Spending Charm

Apart from giving you a higher ranking and position on our Charm Leader-board, members can spend their Charm on various things.

Tips – As mentioned above, members can tip other members who they like to gain their approval, become friends with and view their raunchy exclusive “friends only” content for instance.

Read articles – some articles require a premium set by the author to view it which you can easily pay for with your Charm.

Buy sexy stuff – some members are selling various sexy merchandise and/or souvenirs in our online store which you can pay for with your Charm.



Just like beauty in real life is fleeting so is your Eroti.Club Charm. A small percentage is deducted each day from every member’s Charm balance known as “ageing”. Obviously, this effects those with a lot of Charm more and makes it harder for them to retain their lofty positions while hardly affecting those with little Charm.


Make Money For Charm

The objective is of course to accumulate Charm. However, if you have materialistic needs or you prefer to keep a low profile on Eroti.Club you can exchange your excess Charm for real world money from other members. This could easily become an good money spinner especially if you are selling some porn content articles, sexy wares or simply by having the sexiest profile.


Having No Charm.

You will however need to hold on to some of your Charm as you’ll need it to perform certain tasks on Eroti.Club like sending private messages to another member. Members with no Charm are indicated with a dancing monster on their profile and they will not be able to do anything on Eroti.Club until they take steps to have positive Charm again.

Join Eroti.Club now and we’ll give you some free Charm so you can try it out. It only takes a minute and it’s a lot more fun on the inside…

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