Get Propositions For Sexy Encounters

Let Sexy Fun Find You!

This is how Patrons can have sexy Performers line up to please them…

Eroti.Club lets Patrons define their sexual desires/ fantasies for a sexy encounter with fields in the “My Sexuality” section of their profile. These fields are searchable but normally (depending on visibility settings for each field) only visible to other Eroti.Club members so Performers can look up Patrons and send them propositions if they are able to satisfy their specific fetish.


For Patrons

This unique “reverse lookup” feature is very useful for liberated Patrons with a high libido. Performers who need cash may be prepared to drop their rate and send propositions to Patrons who they can satisfy instead of them waiting to be contacted by clients. Alternatively, if you have a specific “more demanding” requirement Performers may contact you and agree to do favours they would not normally consider if they are desperate and the price is right…

To make these reverse lookups work for you simply set your “Budget” for an encounter in the “I am a” section of your profile. This will signify to Patrons that you are open to propositions and how much you are prepared to spend per encounter. Then complete the relevant fields in the “My Sexuality” section of your profile. We recommend you set the visibility of all these fields to “members only” so this will not show to outsiders – only to members of Eroti.Club (note this will be visible to all members – not just to Performers).

Complete the “Location” part of you profile if you are seeking in-person encounters (such as from courtesans, masseuses, etc.) so that you will appear in proximity searches for keen Patrons. To protect your privacy we suggest that you do not fill in any “Contact Details” for your profile but rely on Eroti.Club’s internal “Private Message” or (blind) email system. This will keep your real email address secret but do make sure that you are able to read and respond quickly to any propositions forwarded on to you – you don’t want to miss any opportunity for an unforgettable encounter.

When you get propositions you can quickly look at the Performer’s profile on Eroti.Club and if this is what you were looking for contact the Performer. If you’re not keen simply decline or if you are unable to make it for the proposed date try to rearrange a time. If you are getting too many or not enough propositions, consider altering your requirements in the “My Sexuality” section of your profile. You should also build up your own profile, upload a photo or two and make it visible to “only friends” to protect your privacy but still allow interested Performers to get to know you a bit better.

To end the solicitation and stop receiving these propositions altogether simply set the “Budget” field in the “I am a” section of your profile to blank “—“. This will signify to Performers that you are no longer open to solicitation. If needs be you can “Block” Performers who remain persistent after you have told them off.


For Performers

If business is slow or you are planning a trip to a new town you can use the Locate Patrons search function to drum up business. These are normally Patrons that are looking for something special so you must be prepared to offer it to them (either a discounted rate or something more adventurous…)

If you find a Patron you want to accommodate simply contact them with a “Private Message” from their profile with your proposition. These Patrons are expecting this so you can plainly state what you are willing to offer them but do appreciate and accept if they decline. Make sure your profile is up to date as they are likely to check you out before contacting you to confirm an appointment. It would be a nice gesture to send a friend request as well – especially if you have “only friends” pics in your Eroti.Club album you’d like to treat them with.


This feature is only available to Eroti.Club members. Join Now, its free and you can also use this convenient way to arrange a sexy encounter.

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