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LocatePerform a proximity search for Eroti.Club Performers near to you that meet your criteria. Similar proximity search functions are available to our members for Patrons, Companions and Swingers.

Results must match all your search criteria so select only your most prevalent requirements (less is more…). This search is to locate Performers so you must specify a physical address – use the Find Members form if you’re not planning on meeting anyone in person and location is therefore not required. A good use of this form would be to find escorts, strippers masseuses etc. that are close to you or at your next hotel stay if you are planning a sex trip.

The form is relatively self-explanatory but do leave a comment below if you have any questions on using it effectively. Insert a minimum and maximum years (in numbers only)  if you want to define an”Age Range“. Be sure to select “Performer” for the “Role” and in the “Donations” field you can specify the the hourly rate/ fees for your entertainer. This is a generalised basic rate that may change significantly depending on your requirements (like special favours) and arrangements (such as travel) necessary to meet your specific needs so please check this when you contact the Performer. As Eroti.Club has global appeal all figures are quoted in US Dollars but you can calculate your local currency equivalent with the tool in the footer of this page.

Now select Gender, Physique, Ethnicity, Hair and Eyes to define the physical attributes of the Performer you are looking for. Select a “Language(it is better to choose only one) to indicate how you would like to communicate and in the “Smoke” field whether or not you tolerate smokers.

The “Playmate(s)” field allow you to choose the composition of your party. If you are a single female choose “A Lady”, if you are a couple choose “A Couple”, if you are two or more men requiring the services of a Performer simultaneously choose “Men”, etc.

In the “Likes” field you can specify any fetish you wish to satisfy. Again try to limit this to one or just a few as it is unlikely that you will find a Performer who will meet all your demands. Also note each Performer may have special rules for certain favours so please consult their profile(s) and confirm when setting up your appointment (see explanation of favours for definitions of terms and acronyms used).

The “Unprotected” field lets you choose the level of unprotected (without the use of a condom) sex you hope to have. The use of a condom for all sexual conduct with strangers is the norm and highly encouraged to limit the spread of sexually transmitted infections. However, with certain provisions a Performer may agree to allow unprotected sex as can be gauged with your selection of this field (with increasing risk and reserving the right to refuse). “at discretion” means after visual inspection of your privates, “Test” refers to you showing a clear official STI test result to the Performer (and them showing you theirs) dated within so many days.

The “On Days” and “At Times” fields are a generalisation of when Performer could be available to entertain you but this may change depending one their circumstances so do not take this as a definite. Again please check with the Performer when setting up your appointment.

For the Address Field (Required) – enter a comma separated address, example: “1 My Street, My Town, Postcode, Country”. Entering fewer details, – like just a postcode and country will also work but that will of course give a generalised location. If you hit the target icon we will try to fetch your current location based on a geo-lookup function that you’ll need to “allow”. Use the “Within” and “Miles/Kilometers” fields to define your search radius and hit the “Submit” button.

On the following results page all matching Performers’ generalised – not actual locations will be displayed on a map with links directly to their profiles for further details and contact information.


Just To Clarify

The results from this search should display Performers that broadly match your criteria. You should then confirm with any Performer that excite you their particular availability, rates, location, etc. as you set up a meeting with them as this may differ from your initial search criteria. If at first you don’t find a suitable sexy play mate try searching with fewer criteria or widen your search area.

We trust this feature will make it easy for you to find escort, masseuse or any other erotic entertainer to satisfy your desires.

Happy hunting…

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F.A.Q. Members may leave a reply below if you have any questions about using this search function.

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