Meaning of Sexual Favours/ Likes

In the world of sex there are many names and acronyms for various sexual favours/ acts. To complicate things further, Eroti.Club has a global reach and people may call things differently depending on where they are from. So to avoid confusion the meanings of sexual favours/ likes as listed on Eroti.Club’s with their definitions are shown below.

To simplify things and because Eroti.Club caters for a very liberal audience all sexual favours are listed alphabetically regardless of how “advanced” they are.

* indicates acts that do not imply sexual intercourse by itself, however sex may be allowed under other “Likes” also indicated by the member in question.

(G) is short for giving i.e. the member performing it on their playmate.



  • 15Min Quickie – I like intense sex wherein orgasm is generally reached within 15 minutes.
  • Anal – I allow my anus to be penetrated.
  • Anal(G) – I like penetrating my playmate’s anus.
  • Bondage – I like being restraint with ropes, clamps, cuffs etc. so that my movement is restricted during sex.
  • Bondage(G) – I like to restrain my playmate with ropes, clamps, cuffs etc. to inhibit their movement during sex.
  • CIM – acronym for “Cum In Mount” meaning a male playmate may ejaculation inside my mouth.
  • COB – acronym for “Cum On Body” meaning a male playmate may ejaculation on my body.
  • Cross Dressing – I like dressing and behaving as the opposite gender during sex.
  • Deep Through – I can take at least six inches (or more) of penis in my mouth.
  • Dinner Date* – I can confidently accompany anyone to a classy public event, dress stylish and hold intelligent conversation (sexual intercourse not implied).
  • Discipline – I allow hard spanking, whipping, pinching and other forms of erotic “punishment” / physical abuse from a playmate during sex.
  • Discipline(G) – I like to exert various forms of physical abuse on a playmate including whipping, spanking, pinching, standing on them, etc.
  • Dogging – I like the thrill of having sex in public places (hopefully without being caught).
  • Domination – I like to take a controlling/ leading role during sex, forcing my playmate into positions, holding them down, choking them etc.
  • DP – acronym for “Double Penetration” meaning the female playmate allow simultaneous penetration of her vagina and anus.
  • Exhibitionism – I like to have sex in front of a live audience.
  • Filming – I like to have sex while being filmed.
  • Fisting – female playmate will take five fingers or an entire hand in her vagina.
  • Food Sex – I like to eat food off my playmate and/or food being eaten off me as well as being covered in food during sex.
  • Humiliation – I like being spit on, called names and other forms of mental abuse during sex,
  • Humiliation(G) – I like to mentally abuse my playmate during sex including calling them names, etc.
  • Kissing – I like open-mouthed/ tong/ “French” kissing similar as you would be expected in a real loving relationship.
  • Lap Dancing* – I can perform provocative dance routines, often rubbing against my playmate while they remain clothed and seated (sexual intercourse not implied).
  • Massage* – I am trained and will provide a deep relaxing body massage for may playmate (sexual intercourse not implied).
  • Modelling* – I will pose for erotic photographs semi-nude, nude or explicit (sexual intercourse not implied).
  • Oral Getting – I like if when a playmate gives me head/ stimulate my sexual organs with their mouth.
  • Oral(G) BJ – acronym for “Blow Job” meaning I like to sexually stimulate a male playmate’s penis with my mouth.
  • Oral(G) Cun. – short for Cunnilingus meaning I like to stimulate a female playmate’s clitoris and vaginal opening with my mouth.
  • Pole Dancing* – I am trained and can perform provocative and acrobatic dance routines in front of an audience usually on a vertical pole that can take my weight. (sexual intercourse not implied).
  • Rimming – I like my anal opening to be licked and rubbed during sex.
  • Rimming(G) – I like to lick and rub my playmate’s anal opening during sex.
  • Role Play – I like to dress up and act/ pretend to be someone such as a teacher, police officer, teenager etc. to live out a playmate’s fantasies.
  • Rubber/Fetish – I like to wear tight fitting, purpose made rubber and/or leather outfits during sex.
  • Sex/Intercourse – I like to engage in conventional sexual intercourse.
  • Spanking – I like repetitive slapping of my buttocks during sex.
  • Squirting – I like it if the female playmate urinates during sex.
  • Strap-On – I like it if the female playmate wears an imitation penis that is strapped to her body and perform sexual acts with it as a man would.
  • Striptease* – I can confidently perform a provocative dance routine wherein I get fully naked in front of a large audience.
  • Submissive – I like it when my playmate takes the dominant/ commanding role during sex holding me down, choking me, pulling my hair, forcing me into positions etc.
  • Swallowing – I like to swallow male semen.
  • Tantric – I enjoy the spirituality of sex, to arose a playmate with touch, sound and visual clues often not even needing sexual intercourse to get them off.
  • Toys – I have and like to use various sex toys such as vibrators, dildos, cock rings, etc. during sex.
  • Watersports – A playmate may urinate on me.
  • Watersports(G) – I will urinate on a playmate if they want me to.
  • Webcam* – I enjoy performing provocative and erotic shows for playmates via a webcam (sexual intercourse not implied).


Additional Considerations

The above sexual favours must be read in conjunction with a member’s “Rules” and “Unprotected” clarifications. Under a member’s “Rules” heading they may state various conditions they like to impose before considering a specific sexual act. Example: anal at discretion – means the member would first like to see their playmate’s size and demeanor before allowing it.

The use of a condom for all sexual contact with strangers is the norm and highly recommended as it is an effective means to limit the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STI). The “Unprotected” selection indicate under what (progressively riskier) circumstances that member may consider (while always retaining the right to refuse) unprotected sex i.e. without the use of a condom. “at discretion” means after visual inspection of the playmate(s) privates, “test” requires all participants to produce a clean official STI test result dated within so many days of their encounter. Always consider the risk to your personal health given the your intended playmate(s) willingness for risqué sex acts.

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