Tips For Trading Charm and Getting Cash

get cashIt’s relatively easy to buy and sell Charm and getting cash from Eroti.Club’s informal charm exchange. Unfortunately it’s just as easy to get scammed because neither you, nor Eroti.Club can track the transaction or force compliance from the other party.

For each Charm exchange there are two parties the: 1. Advertiser (Eroti.Club member who has posted an Offered/Wanted position on their profile) and 2. Initiator (the member reacting to the advertisement by initiating the first part of the transaction). The initiator is taking on some risk as they need to do the first part of the transaction while trusting that the advertiser makes good on their promise to complete the second part of the transaction. Here are a few pointers to prospective Charm traders:


For Initiators:

1. Check out the Advertiser’s profile before you decide to do a deal with them. We suggest you only deal with established Eroti.Club members with complete profiles and lots of friends and followers. Check their @mentions for any adverse comments from other members about their Charm dealings. Such established members of Eroti.Club have much to lose if they don’t make good on their Charm exchange commitments. If you are buying Charm make sure they have enough to cover fill the amount they are selling.

2. While you are there, make sure the member was recently active on Eroti.Club. Otherwise it may take a long time for you to receive your Charm if the member only logs in once a week or once a month.

3. Keep your transaction small, especially if this is your first dealings with this member. If all goes well on the first deal you can always propose larger deals to this advertiser in multiples of what they have advertised. Just send them a private message with the amounts of Charm and cash you had in mind and see what they say.
Avoid deals that seems too good to be true. If the going rate from other posts are around C5 for $4 don’t go for the seller offering you C10 for $1. Charm is not cheap so rather trust those who value it accordingly.

4. Avoid deals that seem to good to be true. Charm is not cheap and should go for no less than C2 for $1. Advertisers offering C100 for as little as $20 or $10 is probably trying to con you.

5. Most importantly. Make sure you give adequate instructions to the Eroti.Club advertiser to complete their part of the exchange when you do your transaction. If you are buying Charm include “EC member: your-user-name” (replacing your-user-name with your actual user name of course) as reference or in the message section of your payment. Failing to do this means the seller will not know where the payment comes from and who to transfer the charm to. They should receive a message from their payment processor informing them that they have received money but you can to make doubly sure you can send them an Eroti.Club “Private Message” as well. If you are selling Charm and responding to an advertiser with a “Wanted” position you need to include the payment method and your account name in the message part of the Charm transfer form. Something like “Please send $20 via PayPal to” should do. The seller will automatically get an Eroti.Club notification and possibly an email message depending on their settings.


For Advertisers:

1. I suggest that you have a proper Eroti.Club profile with lots of friends and followers. No adverse @mentions about Charm and a testimonial or two will also help to prove your social credibility to prospective initiators.

2. You can set the rate at which you are willing to exchange your Charm pretty close to Eroti.Club’s going rate of C1 = $1, especially if you have a good track record with Charm exchanges and allow more convenient payment methods like PayPal or Skrill.

3. Make the transaction size reasonable, remember you can only transfer C100 per day.
Login and check your Eroti.Club account regularly for incoming messages and/or Charm transfers and respond quickly to complete your part of the exchange. Then ask your exchange partner for a positive @mention or even a testimonial if it was a larger amount.

4. Make friends with your exchange partners if you plan on buying or selling a lot of Charm. Having a few regular exchange partners who trust you will make future Charm exchanges much easier.

I hope these simple guidelines will give you the confidence to try out the informal Charm exchange. Not only is it a great way for getting cash but you can also make friends with some leading figures in the Eroti.Club community.

Best of luck with all your dealings.

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