Personal Safety Tips When Meeting New Playmates.

Personal SafetyThere should be ample opportunity for you to meet exciting new and sexy people on Eroti.Club for some “contact sports”. However, this can be a risky business. Creeps, crooks and con-artists can just as easily set up fake accounts to trick unsuspecting Eroti.Club members into traps to rob them or worse…

Because Eroti.Club is a transparent online community it can be used to spot and expose these unsavoury characters thereby enhancing your personal safety. You can for instance check the @mentions of any member to see if anyone has made any adverse comments about them.

Another good sign is if the member has any authenticated photos in their profile “Album” Try to scan the QR Code on the certificate in their authenticated photo with a mobile phone. If you land on their profile page you can be sure it is the guy/girl shown in the photo. If not (or if they don’t have any authenticated photos) you can’t be sure if the sexy creature you are looking at is the actual Eroti.Club member or a fake with a bunch of stock photos…

Now if you plan on meeting anyone in person for the first time we suggest you take extra precautions. This goes for both guys and girls especially if you operate alone and are suppose to meet them at a private location. Asses your risks, then consider the following measures:

1. Check out their Eroti.Club profile. Specifically look for number of Friends and Followers. Also look at what other members say about them in Comments and @mentions as discussed above. Testimonials (or the lack thereof) goes a long way but be wary of fairly new members with glowing recommendations as it should take some time to get testimonials that are genuine.

2. Set up a webcam meeting first. It need not be a “private” show through a paid provider, you can even use Skype, Gtalk etc. and it doesn’t need to be long either. You just want to see that they are who they say they are and not some perv or axe murderer.

3. Before meeting them in person make sure someone you trust know exactly where you will be and exactly how long you are suppose to be away for. If you’re a “Performer” working in a country where sex work is still illegal you may need to call on the services of your own “bodyguard”. Just hire a scary looking guy (a bouncer or ex-army dude will do just fine) to ward off misbehaving clients.

4. After meeting the other person and checking out their place, send a text message to your friend or “bodyguard” to let them know everything is okay – presuming everything is okay of course.

5. Have your friend or bodyguard’s phone number in your speed dial and of course make sure that you have reception on your mobile phone at all times. Call them as soon as anything change, i.e. you are required to stay longer or there’s a change in venue. Agree beforehand on a secret word with your friend or “bodyguard” (a swear word like “fuck”, “shit”, etc. works well) and if you use this word a lot while talking to them it should signify that things are not okay regardless of what you’re actually saying to them on the phone and you need rescuing straight away.

6. Call them as soon as your meeting is over and you feel safe again so they know you’re out of danger.

7. You may want to invest in a personal tracker like this one Mini GSM Personal Tracker shown right. Hide this on you in an inconspicuous place like your handbag so that even if your phone gets taken from you, your friend or bodyguard can still try to locate you quickly. Alternatively you can install a mobile phone tracker app such as “Android Device Manager” (for free).

8. You must of course have a plan of action with your friend or “bodyguard” should anything go wrong. In countries where prostitution is legal this could be something as simple as calling the cops. If not, your bodyguard should preferably be right outside the venue keeping an eye on who comes and goes and ready to step in. If at any time your bodyguard feel either of your lives are in danger they should also call the cops.

Okay, enough scaremongering!..

99.9% of the time everything will work out fine, but please do consider at least some personal safety precautions when meeting strangers on unfamiliar ground. For what it’s worth, sex venues such as hedonist clubs or even brothels do provide an important service in that it provide a neutral venue. Sex workers have ample security on hand and clients know where to point the police if they were robbed or conned in any way.

Now go and have some fun!!!

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