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Use the form on this page to report unauthorised use of your propitiatory content or content wherein you can be personally identified without your consent.

We value your propitiatory and privacy rights but also our members’ rights to freedom of expression. You may therefore only report content where you can substantiate that you hold some form of exclusive rights to it or that you are personally featured without your consent. Unsupported claims will be ignored. The penalties on our members for posting pirated content on Eroti.Club can be severe, especially to repeat offenders and may include reporting them to their appropriate local policing authority.



All information submitted here will remain confidential apart from the following 4 fields (marked with F on the form) which will be forwarded to accused party for them to respond to:

  1. the webpage/ URL in question;
  2. your description of the infringement;
  3. screen capture (if any);
  4. your supporting evidence statement.

Report Piracy or Unauthorised Content Form

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Supporting Evidence
You must provide sufficient evidence to support your claims. The easiest and most effective way is to provide the full URL where this content appears on your website (include temporary login credentials if this is in a private/ members area).
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Upload any supporting documentation. A scan of your photo ID will be required if this claim pertains to content can not be verified online (optional).

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What Happens Next?

We will forward details of the four fields as indicated above to the Eroti.Club member being implicated and give them 14 days to respond with proof of any legal claim they may have to this content. If no or unsatisfactory response is forthcoming we will delete the content in question and take appropriate action(s) as we deem necessary.

Thank you for you understanding and cooperation.